Group and individual cooking lessons for Italian and foreign amateurs.

The school offers different levels of courses: basic and advanced courses for all students who wish not only to learn the thousand secrets of cooking, but also to spend 3 hours in a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere.

Classes take place in a large and well stocked kitchen where students will have the opportunity to practice the school's teachings.

During the lessons, besides learning to cook, there is also an opportunity to exchange views, comments and questions. All classes end with a tasting of the dishes prepared during the lesson.

The courses vary in length, from a minimum of a single lesson to a maximum of one week. After the week's courses students will be awarded a certificate of attendance.

At the beginning of the course the culinary history of dishes and ingredients will be explained. There will be classes on culinary techniques and the history of the products that you will use in the day's menu. Participants will be accompanied in Villa Maria's organic garden where they will gather produce that will be used and enjoyed during the preparation. Very interesting also is the cave with a medieval chapel, located in the garden and open to the guests. In this place, in the past, the farmers gathered in prayer in their times of rest from work.

The list of dishes in the menu of the day is always made up of: - a starter - a first - a second - dessert.

Classes are held in the kitchens of Villa Maria, Villa Eva and the organic garden. All the planned menu will be prepared in collaboration between chef and students. There will be a practical demonstration of how to make the dishes by our kitchen Maestro who will assist the "students" as they prepare the dishes.

At the end of the class, students will enjoy the meal they have prepared, with local wines - a culinary experience they will never forget!